Only the finest ingredients are used to produce the hot and cold beverages we supply in our vending machines or as complimentary vending machine products. We carry a range that balances High Street brands with high-quality own label products which have been produced and sourced to our own high specifications.

Vending machines, microwaves, cabinets are all easily provided as a complete package.

Ethical, environmental and health considerations, coupled with consistent quality taste, ensure our range cannot be beaten.

Please find below some examples of the products we have available and get in touch if you have an enquiry as our customer service team are always happy to discuss your specific requirements and tailor a solution to meet your exact needs.

Vending machine ingredients we supply include:

  • Fresh coffee – freshly roasted coffee beans and roast and ground coffee for the freshest possible taste
  • Instant coffee – freeze dried instant coffee for use in vending machines and dispensing systems
  • Chocolate – delicious hot chocolate ingredients for a truly satisfying and indulgent cup
  • Tea and tea bags – fresh leaf and instant tea especially formulated for use in vending machines
  • Whiteners and toppings – creamy whiteners and luxury toppings for a delicious cup
  • Soup – tasty hot soups as a satisfying alternative beverage
  • Cold drink syrups – cold drink fruit syrups for refreshing cold drinks
  • Vending cups – Vending cups, lids and ancillaries to complement our ingredients range