Cino XS

Cino XS - table top vending machineXS, to offer a huge range of hot beverage specialties such as cappuccino, espresso and delicious chocolate. For customer, guests and employees, in the office, in the shop and in the meeting room. Everywhere and always at the right moment.

Simple, flexible and handly…to be installed
Filled and enjoyed XS is always at your hand. Faultless, an outsider of taste. Installation, connection and refilling marked from that kind of simplicity which makes the difference.

XS, the renewal at the beginning of the new Millenium, respectful, as always, of the main vending principles. Friendliness for the operators, refined taste for peculiarities and safeguard of quality/price concept. Enlighten front picture and “start up LED” to mark step by step the drink erogation. The coffee taste shines of its own light.

An exclusive valve-less pump system in Instant version to minimize the damaged cause from limestone.

Design and colours
Designed from the well-known architect Luan Peter Hasnay. Available in the instant and espresso version and in black and silver colours.

User-friendly technology
XS, is totally programmable through selection keyboard or flash key. Integrated cleaning program to make easier the cleaning service.

Payment system

  • Arrangements for coins or cash-less systems in serial, executive or MDB protocol.
  • Coins, tokens
  • Cash cards, key systems

Beverages perfectly served
Beverage dispensing as desired in cups, glasses, coffee mugs.