Flavia 400

The convenient solution

The FLAVIA CREATION 400 is the office coffee machine designed specifically to meet the needs and demands of today’s workplace.

It consistently provides the freshest, great tasting hot drinks for busy people, keeping your working day running smoothly. The FLAVIA CREATION 400 features a simple, user friendly interface with a large LCD screen, making it quick and easy from the word go.

FLAVIA provides you with a continuous delivery of the freshest, great tasting drinks, and with its impressively rapid start-up time your first cup of the day is only seconds away.

FLAVIA’s innovative tank system ensures that water is heated to precisely the right temperature for the individual drink selected, ensuring that there is no unnecessary boiling. To top it all, just enough water is heated for a few hot drinks at a time. These energy savings aren’t just better for the environment, they’ll save your business money too.

The simplicity of the machine and its drinks delivery means that FLAVIA can save you time and effort compared to other hot drinks machines. The unique FLAVIA Fresh Pack ensures that drinks retain freshness, aroma and taste for an average of 9 months, meaning you’ll spend less time organising stock.

And the best bit is, because all the work happens inside the Fresh Pack with no contact to other elements of the machine, cleaning takes a fraction of the time required by other machines.