Winix 5 series – mains connected

Winix 5 water coolerWinix 5 Series point of use water dispensers are an environmentally friendly, convenient and cost effective way of providing a constant supply of fresh filtered water. Offering total cost control, Winix 5 models are connected directly into the mains water supply, the water being passed through an advanced in-line filtration system that removes organic chemicals, tastes and odours, leaving only crystal clear, fresh tasting water. There is no time wasted handling heavy bottles, no valuable storage space lost and no chance of running out of water – especially on hot days.

Product Features

  • Large push button dispenser controls – safer, more hygienic and easier to use than conventional faucets
  • Double float safety mechanism with re-set button
  • Automatic hot tank overheat cut-out
  • Single water outlet – more hygienic than conventional tap dispensers
  • Fully sealed drinking system that eliminates the need for water to be exposed to daylight or human contact.
  • High quality stainless steel fixed tank
  • Auto temperature controller (chilled 5ºC – 10ºC)
  • On/off and status neon indicator lights
  • Built in ‘pop-up’ cup dispenser
  • Integral carrying handle for easy movement
  • Silver/grey finish
  • Fitted moulded 13 amp plug
  • Optional installation kit includes adjustable water block protection device – automatically detects water leakage if fitted